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  WaterBee 203

Get your toes wet and have fun on the WaterBee 203 Party Boat.

Length Width Height Weight Capacity
approx 90" 60" 30" 130 lbs. 800 lbs.

Splash and dive off the WaterBee 203 with its catamaran design for exceptional stability. The rear seats have lower foot wells to make entry/exit from the water easier. The self-bailing pedal wells stay dry and clean, instantly draining waves and rain. Large self-cleaning, water-lubricated Delrin bearings and a patented drive system with 5 hydrodynamic blades provide superior propulsion. The large volume hull provides tremendous bouyancy. Ergonomically designed to provide a safe and comfortable ride, the backrest adjust to 4 positions for the perfect fit.

Creature features include built-in cup holders and integral carrying handles. Ocean duty hull roto-molded from rugged UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene guarantees exceptional stability, durability and 100% non corroding crankshafts and bearings. The flip away adjustable back rest (4 positions) allows you to lie down on the deck with exceptional comfort.

Available in Yellow Only

An oversized rear foot well provides extra comfort and convenience to the rear passengers ...while offering easy boarding.

The large diameter 5 blade drive system and deep hydrodynamic paddle design moves the Water Bee with a faster, quieter glide. Quiet, powerful, automatically changing grip angle.

WaterBee 203   $ 1319.00

Currently Not Available Due to Manufacturer Relocation

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