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Patch Kit
One of the very few adhesives that will adhere to
HDPE boats (High Density Polyethylene) and stay stuck.

Self-leveling glue that dries clear and remains flexible. Completely waterproof, ideal for below water line repairs. UV resitant to resist yellowing, cracking and embrittlement, stays pliable even in cold temperatures. Can be painted over so that repairs are less noticeable. Comes with fiberglass reinforcing matt.
Does NOT provide protection against abrasion.

Patch Kit   $ 25.00

We have discovered a repair kit that will adhere to HDPE boats (High Density Polyethylene). These high performance patches are rain and snow resistant, vibration resistant, and can withstand hot or cold enviroments. The additional material provides reinforcement to wear sufaces. These patches are made with a "shape memory" compsite that enables them to be warmed and then molded to various shapes and unusual angles. When cooled, they keep the new shape and offer rigid support. Their backing is a high performance and weather-resistant adhesive that holds tight and lasts. They allow different materials and sufaces to be repaired together. Recommended heating methods include a heat gun, an MRE heater, a heating bag, or an oven.

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